Why do you need my help to grow?


Capacity Building & Development

  • Fundraising Diversification Strategies
  • Effective Nonprofit Principles & Practices
  • Organizational Capacity Assessment
  • Effective Board Development & Training
  • Grant Solicitation & Management
  • Collaborative "Partner"  Grant opportunities


Technical Training & Facilitation

  • Capacity Building Facilitation & Assessment
  • Measurable outcomes: Developing, Tracking & Communicating (to the public, funders & media)
  • Case Management Principles, Practices & Processes for Crime Victims and Youth-related Agencies
  • Strategic Planning for Nonprofits 


Nonprofit Sustainability

  • Collaborative Partnership Options
  • Shared Grants with Coalitions
  • Mission-based Outreach & Focus
  • Leadership & Founder Transitions
  • Grant Relationships & Opportunities
  • Policy Development & Assistance

The Team


A Technical Team When You Need It -

As your primary contact, I can also tap into technical experts, if or when those types of services are required:  accounting, technology, grant writing, graphic communications, social media, content management, database development/entry, Capital Campaigns, Planned Giving, Program Evaluation and  legal-related issues. 


Nancy Sabin

Are you looking for a cross-sector expert who understands and can navigate within the nonprofit, corporate and government sectors?   That's me.  Are you looking to learn the ins and outs of effective growth? When you need an expert in multiple areas: my 8 years of experience, as the Executive Director of a nonprofit, along with 17 years of in-depth experience working with corporate clients, as well as  funders, crime victim agencies and grant-making boards, can help your organization.


Since 2002, my key connections, resources and track record have helped make a difference for many organizations.  Prior to that, my in-depth experience in "Corporate America" taught me how to find sponsorship dollars that carried over into the nonprofit sector as well. , I know the language that moves each sector to 

develop the kind of synergies for "the greater good"


What at the "pieces to the puzzle" that help a nonprofit, foundation or government agency?

Finding a project-based expert can save your organization money is the first step.  Most nonprofits deal with a painful gap between mission-based services or outreach and the resources needed to cover them. So in turn, nonprofits look for the pieces of the puzzle that will  bridge the gap in order to be sustainable over time.

As a cross-sector specialist, which is unique to find, I am very experienced in knowing how to navigate all three sectors: nonprofits & foundations, for-profit or corporate and government agencies who provide funds and services. My skills in identifying priorities or issues, along with measuring capacity, allow me to guide agencies from all three sectors to identify the best opportunities and actions steps for organizational effectiveness, sustainability and growth. 

Contact me:  your mission-based "partner" is here to help.